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Document2014 Financial Plan Bylaw 889, 2014.pdf351 KB
Document2014 Tax Rates Bylaw 890, 2104.pdf118 KB
Document2015 Financial Plan Bylaw 923, 2015.pdf139 KB
DocumentAgricultural Advisory Commission Bylaw 539, 2005.pdf18 KB
DocumentAnimal, Bird and Poultry Regulation Bylaw 97-135 CONSOLIDATED 2009.04.21.pdf90 KB
DocumentAutomated Voting Machines Authorization Bylaw 209, 1998.pdf21 KB
DocumentBarkley Road Water System Parcel Tax Bylaw 479, 2004.pdf9 KB
DocumentBarkley Road Water System Specified Area Establishment Bylaw 453, 2003.pdf10 KB
DocumentBeasley Community Centre Sponsorship Agreement Bylaw 451, 2003 CONSOLIDATED 2008.02 19.pdf13 KB
DocumentBeaver Lake Road Closure and Land Exchange Bylaw 377, 2001.pdf10 KB
DocumentBoard of Variance Consolidated 070, 1996.pdf16 KB
DocumentBrun Rolyat Rd Local Area Service Bylaw 509, 2004.pdf12 KB
DocumentBuilding Regulation Bylaw 709, 2011 CONSOLIDATED 2012.04.17.pdf248 KB
DocumentBurning Bylaw 612, 2007 CONSOLIDATED 2010.07.20.pdf171 KB
DocumentBusiness Licensing Bylaw 699, 2008 CONSOLIDATED 2015.04.21.pdf192 KB
DocumentBylaw Enforcement Officers Appointment Bylaw 764, 2010.pdf110 KB
DocumentBylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 760, 2010 CONSOLIDATED 2013.05.07.pdf219 KB
DocumentCapital Works Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 024, 1995.pdf10 KB
DocumentCarr's-Coral Beach-Juniper Cove Fire Protection Consolidated 090, 1996.pdf401 KB
DocumentChase Road Streetlighting Spec Area Establishment Bylaw 158, 1997.pdf10 KB
DocumentClearwater Subdivision Streetlighting Spec Area Establishment Bylaw 159, 1997.pdf10 KB
DocumentClimate Action Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 734, 2009.pdf113 KB
DocumentCommunity Complex Joint Operating Agreement Bylaw 294, 1999.pdf8 KB
DocumentCommunity Policing Station Lease Agreement Bylaw 105, 1997.pdf18 KB
DocumentCommunity School Program Agreement Bylaw 053, 1996.pdf8 KB
DocumentCoopers Village Main Street Loan Authorization Bylaw 366, 2001 CONSOLIDATED 2001.12.04.pdf13 KB
DocumentCoral Beach Water System Parcel Tax and Assessment Roll Bylaw 308, 2000.pdf11 KB
DocumentCoral Beach Water System Spec Area Bylaw 076, 1996.pdf11 KB
DocumentCornwall-Sheldon-Highland Streetlighting Bylaw 066, 1996.pdf11 KB
DocumentCouncil Procedures Bylaw Consolidated 487, 2004.pdf49 KB
DocumentCouncil Remuneration and Expenses Repeal Bylaw 306, 2000.pdf8 KB
DocumentDCC Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 560, 2005.pdf11 KB
DocumentDelegation Bylaw 339, 2000 CONSOLIDATED 2013.04.02.pdf481 KB
DocumentDemolition Bylaw (Tween Lakes Resort) Bylaw 374, 2001.pdf10 KB
DocumentDemolition Bylaw 372, 2001.pdf10 KB
DocumentDevelopment Application Procedure Bylaw 99-240 CONSOLIDATED 2012.08.21.pdf253 KB
DocumentDevelopment Cost Charges Bylaw 499, 2005.pdf1 MB
DocumentDog Control Repealing Bylaw 631, 2007.pdf8 KB
DocumentDrainage Development Cost Charge Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw 416, 2002.pdf10 KB
DocumentDrainage Development Cost Charge Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw 458, 2003.pdf9 KB
DocumentElection Procedures Bylaw Consolidated 538, 2005.pdf16 KB
DocumentEmergency Vehicle Replacement Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw 144, 1997.pdf10 KB
DocumentEmergency Vehicle Reserve Fund Expenditure Bylaw 324, 2000.pdf10 KB
DocumentEncroachment Bylaw 624, 2007.pdf17 KB
DocumentFire Department Bylaw 757, 2010.pdf135 KB
DocumentFire Prevention Bylaw 800, 2011.pdf235 KB
DocumentFire Protection Specified Area Merger Bylaw 96-091 CONSOLIDATED 2004.12.14.pdf603 KB
DocumentFreedom of Information Consolidated 074, 1996.pdf22 KB
DocumentGeneral Local Government Elector Registration Bylaw 068, 1996.pdf10 KB
DocumentGlenmore Road Streetlighting Spec Area Establishment Bylaw 164, 1997.pdf10 KB
DocumentGreenhow Court Local Improvement Fund Expenditure Bylaw 798, 2011.pdf111 KB
DocumentGreenhow Court Local Service Area Establishment Bylaw 797, 2011.pdf146 KB
DocumentHarmen Road Streetlighting Spec Area Establishment Bylaw 163, 1997.pdf10 KB
DocumentHighway Access and Driveway Regulation Bylaw 628, 2007.pdf71 KB
DocumentHighway Access and Driveway Regulation Repealing Bylaw 629, 2007.pdf9 KB
DocumentHighway Access to Water Reserve Fund Bylaw 902, 2014.pdf116 KB
DocumentHighways and Traffic Regulation Bylaw 186, 1998.pdf66 KB
DocumentHolding Tank Sewage Disposal Bylaw 97-145.pdf17 KB
DocumentIndemnification Bylaw 576, 2006.pdf14 KB
DocumentInter-Community Business Licence Bylaw 698, 2008.pdf20 KB
DocumentKel-Win Subdivision Streetlighting Spec Area Establishment Bylaw 161, 1997.pdf10 KB
DocumentLake Country Fire Protection Spec Area Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw 109, 1997.pdf9 KB
DocumentLake Country Soccer Society and Snowline Enterprises Sponsorip Bylaw 667, 2008.pdf10 KB
DocumentLake Country Water Service Area Bylaw 695, 2008 CONSOLIDATED 2014.11.25.pdf1 MB
DocumentLake Pine Local Service Area Establishment Bylaw 736, 2010 CONSOLIDATED 2014.11.25.pdf1 MB
DocumentLake Pine Local Service Area Parcel Tax Bylaw 821, 2012 CONSOLIDATED 2014.11.25.pdf123 KB
DocumentLand Acquisition (Berry Road) Bylaw 392, 2001.pdf9 KB
DocumentLand Acquisition (Eldorado) Bylaw 192, 1998.pdf9 KB
DocumentLand Acquisition (Gropp) Bylaw 314, 2000.pdf9 KB
DocumentLand Acquisition (Memorial Hall) Bylaw 329, 2000.pdf9 KB
DocumentLand Acquisition (N.O. Growers) Bylaw 137, 1997.pdf9 KB
DocumentLand Acquisition Bylaw 034, 1996.pdf9 KB
DocumentLand Development Fees Bylaw 399, 2002 CONSOLIDATED 2012.09.04.pdf365 KB
DocumentLand Use Contract Discharge (Barsi) Bylaw 779, 2010.pdf115 KB
DocumentLand Use Contract Discharge (WB-126 Holdings Ltd.) 743, 2010 .pdf116 KB
DocumentLicence of Occupation Bylaw 502, 2004 CONSOLIDATED.pdf274 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Canada Lands) Bylaw 639, 2007.pdf9 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Eldorado Reservoir) Bylaw 608, 2006.pdf10 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Eldorado Reservoir) Bylaw 617, 2007.pdf10 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Lake Pine Water Asset Purchase) 737, 2010.pdf119 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (OK Rail Corridor) Bylaw 906, 2014.pdf.pdf128 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Sawmill Road LSA) Bylaw 872, 2013.pdf122 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Wastewater Treatment Plant) Bylaw 540, 2005.pdf30 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (Woodsdale LSA) Bylaw 720, 2009.pdf9 KB
DocumentLoan Authorization (WWTP Stage 3) Bylaw 861, 2013.pdf122 KB
DocumentLocal Government Elector Registration Bylaw 208, 1998.pdf10 KB
DocumentLocal Improvement Fund Bylaw 092, 1996.pdf9 KB
DocumentLocal Improvement Fund Expenditure (Brun Rolyat Rds Water) Bylaw 475, 2003.pdf10 KB
DocumentMail Ballot Voting Bylaw 691, 2008 CONSOLIDATED 2012.04.03.pdf130 KB
DocumentMain Street Construction and Services Spec Area Establishment Bylaw 365, 2001.pdf295 KB
DocumentMain Street Tax Revitalization Bylaw 853, 2013.pdf1020 KB
DocumentMiscellaneous Fees Bylaw 423, 2002.pdf10 KB
DocumentMode of Elections Bylaw 210, 1998.pdf11 KB
DocumentMunicipal Police Unit Agreement Bylaw 169, 1997.pdf9 KB
DocumentMunicipal Ticket Information Bylaw 753, 2010 CONSOLIDATED 2013.05.07.pdf638 KB
DocumentNuisance Bylaw 857, 2013.pdf150 KB
DocumentOfficer Establishment Bylaw 837, 2012.pdf150 KB
Folder PageOfficial Community Plan (2010-2030) Bylaw 750, 2010
DocumentOkanagan Regional Library District Agreement Bylaw 95-008.pdf8 KB
DocumentOld Mission Road Closure and Land Exchange Hughes Property Bylaw 433, 2002.pdf10 KB
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